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Game rules

What to do

A threedimensional figure (the Turtle in the classic game) created from 144 tiles bearing 42 different images has to be removed from the board by repeated moves, a move consisting of the extraction of two unlocked and pairing tiles.

Selection rules

1. A tile is unlocked, if
(a) it is not covered by another tile (not even partially)
(b) there is no adjacent tile at its left or right side on the same level.
2. Two tiles are pairing, if their images belong to the same image group.

Image series and groups

There are 7 image series of different themes.

The images of the first five series are found on 4 tiles each; tiles bearing the same image constitute an image group:

1. Bamboo (1...9) Bamboo images
2. Badges (1...9) Badge images
3. Numbers (1...9) Number images
4. Dragons (red, green, white) Dragon images
5. Winds (North, East, South, West) Wind images
The last two series both contain 4 images, each image found on 1 tile only; all four tiles of a series constitute an image group:
6. Flowers (Bamboo, Mum, Orchid, Plum) Flower images
7. Seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) Season images
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